Health & Safety

In line with my professional role as a dog walker and homestay proprietor I run this business taking into account all legal requirements to ensure the health and safety of your dogs.  With this in mind there are a number of conditions of my licence which are as follows:


  • dogs will be exercised in accordance with your wishes at all times

  • when dogs are off my premises, they will be kept on leads unless your consent allows for off lead exercise

  • only friendly dogs will be accepted on walks or for homestay

  • your dogs must be fully up to date with vaccinations, flea, tick & worm treatment

  • if there is evidence of fleas, ticks or worms your dog will be treated and any costs passed on to you

  • we have access to a local vet 24 hours a day

  • if your dog requires it, we can give any prescribed medication as necessary

  • if you have an un-neutered bitch you are required to inform me when she will come into season

  • your dog is required to be microchipped by law

  • your dog requires a collar with identity tag showing your contact details

  • I have completed a Canine First Aid Course and carry a first aid kit for emergencies

Delilah with Dil the Dog
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